What is a Roulette girl?

Roulette girl is a new service in which we randomly match you with one of our girls for a lower then normal rate. Roulette girls are girls who are willing to be apart of our erotic massage team but want to remain anonymous. This is a great way to bring even more girls to the market. Ideally they will consist of brand new girls that are new to the business, but may also include current and past WHFT girls.

What are the Rates?

$150/hr for a single or $300/hr for doubles

What determines what girl/girls I will get?


Can I see pictures if I email or text you?


Can I choose or request a specific girl?

Yes, at the normal rate of $200/hr

Is there more then one Roulette girl available per day?

Yes, at this point we have a few girls signed up for the program.

What services do Roulette girls offer?

The same as WHFT girls.

When are Roulette girls available?

Most days they can be requested however to be sure. Take a look at the Ticker on the site.